Poussin Delight at New Stanley

written by Anena 17th July 2012

My idea of a great date with my man is chicken and chips at a greasy joint on Tom Mboya Street. Too simple, perhaps, so last week we decided to take it up a notch by trying the Poussin chicken lunch special offered on Tuesdays at the Sarova Stanley’s Thorn Tree Café.


Once we got over the shock of ordering from a courteous waiter tableside instead of a comatose clerk behind steel bars, we settled in to enjoy our meal. We began with the lively Elspeth Huxley salad and the delicious cream of mushroom and basil soup. We were very pleased with our starters right up until the entrées arrived, when we instantly saw there was now no way we’d be able to finish the heaping plateful of food that is the Poussin lunch. (The good news is: the leftovers are just as tasty reheated for lunch at home the next day.)


Elspeth Huxley salad

Perfectly complemented by a cool yoghurt dip and a mild chili butter, the Poussin entree puts a whole new spin on “chicken and chips.” The New Stanley serves up an entire spring chicken, fried in a spicy marinade (you can ask for mild if you’re a lightweight like me; my husband ordered the regular, yet we both had to remove our jackets from the heat). I reveled in the taste of quality—the chicken was lightly fried to a perfect crispiness, and the meat was tender and moist. And while I usually wash down my chicken and chips with a cold Pilsner, the Thorn Tree’s house white wine was the perfect, cool accompaniment to the pili-pili meal.


Self-styled cheap-fried-chicken connoisseur that I am, my Tom Mboya Street socks were knocked right off by the Poussin chicken special.


Poussin entree

The best news is, though the Poussin entrée is a traditional Tuesday lunch favorite, it’s available any day, any time (and the Stanley is easily accessed via valet parking). And at 2100/ksh, it makes for a very affordable meal. When (not if) you give this dish a try, schedule yourself plenty of time to dine slowly—it’s worth savoring. But don’t make the same mistake I did; save room for dessert.


Poussin entree

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