Prepare For Some Bone Crushing Action During This Year’s Barbecue Live 4th Edition

written by EatOut 19th February 2014


The Barbecue Live 4th edition is a fun bi- monthly outdoor event that brings together young upcoming professionals to interact and connect through barbecue inspired food & great music.

Not only do you get to enjoy the juicy nyama choma at the venue, but with every ticket bought you get a bottle of famous Grouse!

Inside the Arboretum Grounds, fun and activities will rule the day. There will be an endless list of other activities such as eating competitions, drinking games, rodeo bull, foosball, planetarium and much more.

Apart from the free Famous Grouse bottle at the gate and the tasty finger-licking meat ,there will be great music from Deejay Joe, DJ E, Jack Rooster, DJ SAINT and DJ Evolve and a live performance from H_ART THE BAND.

Save the date this Saturday and get your advance tickets for only Ksh1000 on ticketsasa.com

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