Promasidor Kenya Launches A New Food Seasoning Product

written by Yoga David 12th July 2014

Promasidor Kenya Limited has launched a new variety of its Onga food seasoning brand to be known as Onga Stew Mchuzi Mix.

Speaking during the launch of the new product, Promasidor Kenya Marketing Director, Mark Williams said the new Onga Stew Mchuzi Mix is a traditional gravy seasoning powder, which enhances flavour and aroma, adds a rich brown colour and assists with the thickening of the gravy base.

He said: “The new Onga Stew Mchuzi Mix is part of on-going effort to constantly improve Promasidor products and make them tastier, healthier and affordable.”

Mark Williams, The Marketing Director Promasidor Kenya

Mark Williams, The Marketing Director Promasidor Kenya

Promasidor described the entry of the new offering into Kenyan markets as one of the steps being taken by the company to diversify its portfolio and grow its penetration in the market. Last week, the Pan-African firm launched Miksi flavours –comprising of a three-in-one mix of sugar, miksi milk powder in coffee, mocha and chocolate tastes.

“The new mchuzi mix flavour also offers a solution to the rising demand for a rich, tasty seasoning, among consumers. We are optimistic that the innovation will also help achieve customers’ patronage for Onga in the food seasoning sector,” Mark explained.

According to Mark, the new Onga Stew Mchuzi Mix enters the market in a strong position having specifically been formulated to meet the requirements of the Kenyan taste of mchuzi mix and with a special focus on its taste, texture, aroma and flavour.

The new seasoning from Promasidor is also the first in the category to be fortified with Vitamin A as a response to increasing deficiencies that are a common cause of night blindness and rising maternal mortality cases in Kenya.

“We acknowledged the fact that Vitamin A deficiency causes 70 percent of preventable blindness and maternal mortality and by fortifying Onga Stew Mchuzi Mix with this important nutrient we’ll help minimize the risk for many,” Mark observed.

The New Onga Stew Mchuzi Mix

The New Onga Stew Mchuzi Mix

The new Onga Stew Mchuzi Mix is available in 13g, 75g, 200g and 500g tub and will competitively retail at Sh5, 30, 95, and Sh220 respectively.

“With a rich flavour, the new product not only gives consumers a wider choice of Onga tastes but also ensures that Promasidor satisfy the taste and need of everyone in the kitchen, which is to create meals worthy of celebration by family and friends,” Mark said.

Meanwhile, Promasidor Kenya has stated that the launch of the new product will commence with activations that will be held at major markets in Nairobi.

Onga Seasoning is a dry powder stock seasoning which presents an alternative to stock cubes but delivers superior taste and aroma. It is used during the cooking process mainly with stews, and for making delicious sauces. It is also very affordable and economical.

Promasidor Kenya CEO, Robert Clarke awards Caroline Okello one of the Onga Stew Mchuzi Mix cooking competition winners

Promasidor Kenya CEO, Robert Clarke awards Caroline Okello one of the Onga Stew Mchuzi Mix cooking competition winners

Promasidor commenced operations in Kenya in 1988, marketing the Miksi brands of milk powder. The company has since added Onga seasoning powder, WoW corn snacks, and soya products: Sossi and Proya. Onga Stew Mchuzi Mix and Miksi flavours are the latest jewel in the company’s crown.


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