The Best Traditional Style Pubs in Nairobi

written by Yoga David 11th March 2015

Picture this, it’s Friday evening after a long day at work! Last email sent, laptop closed and your boss has finally left. All you want now is a no fuss kind of joint where you can grab a cold one with your mates and maybe some nibbles while you’re at it. Pubs are undeniably your best bet. With their casual settings, quick service and greasy grub, this list of traditional style pubs in Nairobi is sure to become your go to guide as the weekend draws near.

Gipsy Bar

Best Traditional Style Pubs in Nairobi


A popular hangout for expats and the Kenyan elite, Gipsy Bar is located in the heart of the Nairobi party scene along Woodvale Groove in Westlands. Known for its warm ambiance, affordable drinks and of course its cocktails, you can’t go wrong when you pop by this bar.

Havana Restaurant & Bar

Best Traditional Style Pubs in Nairobi

Havana Bar and Restaurant is the kind of place you want to be after a long days work. Great music, great food and great prices! Located on Woodvale Grove in Westlands, Havana has a wide selection of both local and international alcoholic brands. Enjoy beers from Ksh. 220 and tots of rum, vodka, whisky and brandy ranging between Ksh. 150 – 550. Bargain!

Juniper Social

Juniper Social is the latest hot spot. Located just off Waiyaki Way along Muthangari drive they have the coziest indoor sitting and a large outdoor setting where you can enjoy your drinks and socialize with ease.

Mercury The Last Drop

Best Traditional Style Pubs in Nairobi

Now this is a pub! Located on the first floor of Junction Mall, Mercury is a traditional English pub with an African touch. It has an intimate dining area with an inside and terrace setting. Their bar is fully equipped with the best single Malt Whiskey, Vodkas, Tequilas and Gin.

Que Pasa Bar & Bistro

Best Traditional Style Pubs in Nairobi

A busy, friendly, neighbourhood bar and restaurant at the Karen Shopping Centre, Que Pasa offers a chic yet laid back space to eat, drink, lounge and watch sports. Their bartenders and chefs put great effort into the quality of their creations so pop over and sample their extensive range of menu items.

Terrace @ Brew Bistro & Lounge

Best Traditional Style Pubs in Nairobi

Located at Piedmont Plaza along Ngong Road, Terrace is one of the best night-life spots in Nairobi. Famed for their master brewers and premium brews as well as the exquisite fine dining restaurant they will serve you their delicious local and international gourmet meals accompanied by your premium brew.

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