Business Daily: Raising The Steaks

written by Winnie Wangui 28th June 2016

A walk into Chop House at Radisson Blu Hotel in Upperhill reveals an exciting theatrical scene where you can see the chefs grilling meat and flames bursting into the air in the open kitchen directly opposite the entrance. The majestic display of different cuts of meat placed on the counter pulls you in to watch the chefs expertly grill with a magical flare.

Chop House Open Kitchen

Hardwood floors, fast paced background music, comfortable banquettes where you can lounge and relax as you indulge in your steak, provide the perfect setting. A private dining room is also available for a more intimate experience. Chop House opened in February of this year and specializes in cured and barbecued meats and seafood. They have swiftly become one of Nairobi’s favourite go-to places for steak lovers.

Chop House

Being an ardent lover of meat, I was beyond excited when I got the chance to visit Chop House. The fact that it is still a relatively new restaurant made it all the more exhilarating. To start, I had the short neck pork ribs with black fermented garlic and orange marmalade otherwise known as the ‘Bloody Sticky’.  A seed of curiosity was planted in me as soon as I read the name and I knew it was a must-try. My choice was proven excellent as soon as it arrived. For a starter, the portions were generous; I doubted that I would be able to finish the other courses if they were served with the same generosity. The ribs were tender and seasoned with garlic while the orange marmalade gave the ribs a sweet flavour which blended perfectly. My companion had the hot smoked salmon, accompanied by pickled and roasted cucumber. The starters gave a perfect introduction to what was coming and we couldn’t wait for the main course.

ChopHouse Steak

The garlic marinated josper fired molo-lamb chops, a recommendation by our server, came shortly after. She said it was the most popular meal on the menu and her personal favourite. Our server’s suggestion was extremely beneficial since it was my first time dining there. The lamb chops were accompanied by creamy mash potatoes, broccoli and black pepper sauce. The portion was intimidating but I cheered myself to dive in and only look up once my plancha was wiped clean. The chops had the right amount of tenderness while the vegetables were crunchy and retained their flavour. The meal was extremely filling and I couldn’t have enough of the lamb. My company for the evening happily dug into his well-done 300g of dry aged sirloin T-bone steak served with bloody mary tomatoes, whole salted shallots and creamy spinach. The smile on his face when he took the first bite and the silence thereafter proved the steak hit all the right spots. The mains were the highlight of our evening and we were not sure there was any room left for dessert.

Chop House

Sure enough, when two scoops of strawberry and vanilla ice cream with scoops of sherbet were placed in front of us, we found room to enjoy them and ended the night on the high note it started on.  The Chop House menu is sophisticated featuring steaks such as the rib eye steak, New York striploin, red snapper and grilled chicken breast among others. The chefs know their cuts of meat and you won’t be disappointed dining at this impressive steakhouse. They also have a creatively crafted business lunch menu featuring a variety of three course meal options which is available weekdays from 12:30pm to 3:30pm. The business lunch is a great way to get a taste of what Chop House has to offer. Flawless service, coupled with delicious, juicy, steaks is the perfect combination to a lunch meeting with a potential partner. This is a definite way to close that lucrative deal you have been chasing.

Chop House

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