Rare Coffees and Pleasantries

written by Leroy Buliro 6th April 2018

Join coffee expert, Stephen Vick and Brioche Cafe Bistro for a two hour Rare Beautiful Coffees tasting paired with the perfect African-European inspired cuisine on Saturday 7th and 8th at Karen and The Alchemist Bar respectively.

If you like to explore new food and wine options, then attending this one of a kind event, happening for the first time in Kenya, is a no brainer.

“I’m excited because I like sharing rare coffees with people,” said Vick, procurement and quality manager at the Nairobi-based African Coffee Roasters. “I’ve been working with coffee for 18 years. It’s what I do, it’s what I know.”.  

During the event, you will get to indulge in four unique coffees and a blossom tea from different corners of the world. Each drink will be complemented with their own exceptional dish prepared by Brioche’s Executive Chef, who has over 30 years experience in top kitchens in Belgium and East Africa.

The star of the event will be be a Panamanian variety roasted in North Carolina that goes by the name of “Panamanian Geisha”. This will be a unique opportunity to taste this extremely rare variety which is not usually available to the public. The Geisha variety finds its roots in southwestern Ethiopia from whence it was transported to Tanzania and then somehow found its way to Costa Rica in the 1940s and then on to Panama this century. Other coffees that will be on the table include the Yirgacheffe Reko from Ethiopia, Burundi’s Buziraguhindwa Natural Sundried and Caballero from Honduras.

“The type of people who like to explore new food and wine options are the people who I hope will attend,” explained Vick, who over his years traveling around the world has developed a nuanced understanding of worldwide coffee trends. “Here in Kenya, coffee is still looked at like something that is one thing, but in the places I’ve been like the West Coast [of Africa], you can get coffee brewed in many different ways from very special farms”.

If you are interested in participating here is everything you need to know:

Rare Coffee & Specialty Food Pairing I – Saturday, April 7th from 10am-12pm at Brioche Karen; cost per ticket is Ksh3,500, all coffees, tea and paired dishes included. To reserve your seat for Saturday’s pairing event visit Brioche’s Watermark Business Park location in Karen or send your payment via M-PESA to: BUY GOODS 172 683

Rare Coffee & Specialty Food Pairing II– Sunday, April 8th from 10am-12pm at Brioche inside The Alchemist; cost per ticket is Ksh3,000, all coffee and paired dishes included. To reserve your seat for Sunday’s pairing event visit Brioche’s new location inside The Alchemist or send your payment via M-PESA to: BUY GOODS 662 083

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