Restaurant in the Philippines comes up with ‘crocodile ice-cream’

written by Jeannette Musembi 16th June 2014


A restaurant in Davao City has come up with the unusually flavoured frozen dessert after the owners were offered some eggs from the crocodile park next door, where the animals are raised for their meat and skin.

But animal lovers need not to worry, as the ice-cream is not made with crocodile meat but just with eggs that did not hatch or are surplus, the owners of the Sweet Spot eatery said.

Sweet Spot’s artisan ice cream uses crocodile eggs instead of hen eggs together with the more usual ingredients of milk, cream, sugar and flavourings.

The owners of Sweet Spot, Dino and Bianca Ramos, received some crocodile eggs from Dino’s uncle, the owner of the nearby Davao Crocodile Park. Not knowing what to do with them, Dino decided to try to make ice cream and found themselves with a delicious treat on their hands.

According to Sweet Spot, crocodile eggs are 80 per cent yolk and much more nutritious than chicken’s eggs, making it a healthier choice for their ice cream.


Unusually flavoured ice creams are not so unusual after all.

Ice Cream Parlour, in Whitby, North Yorkshire, sells fish and chips ice cream, made using bits of real battered cod, deep-fried potatoes and mushy peas.

And London ice cream shop The Icecreamists caused a stir when they started selling breast milk ice cream under the name of Baby Gaga.

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