Restaurant Week All Around The World

written by Eugene Mburu 16th January 2015

Nairobi Restaurant Week 2015

As ingenious and fantastic as is #NRW2015, we would love to take all the credit for holding Kenya’s biggest culinary festival; unfortunately, that’s not the case. Although we have caught on to restaurant week a tad late, it is always better late than never they say. Other cities around the world have been doing it for over decades now, from Madrid, to Paris to New York City.


The concept is the same across all cities and continents. Get as many restaurants humanly possible to band together and offer foodies around the best bargains on meals. These are either heavily discounted, or ‘buy one get one free’, or free samplers, of food events depending on the city and what its tradition is. a bunch of sponsors get on board as well and collaborate with the restaurants to make the deals even tastier. But I don’t think anyone does it quite like we do as much as we aren’t veterans at it. We have over 50 participating restaurants and our variety of sponsors is definitely the spice of life.


This week long annual event has without a doubt facilitated a lot more culinary tourism across cities by foodies and pushed locals to go and eat out more and appreciate the diversity of restaurants and cuisines in their city. We cannot wait to see how it all unravels  during #NRW2015 and in future when this is a globally talked about event setting standards.


Who knows? We might even hold it twice a year and in open air festival settings. HHHMMMMM! Who knows!

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