Top Restaurants To Enjoy Ethiopian And Eritrean Cuisine

written by Yoga David 28th May 2014

Cuisine from Ethiopian and Eritrean backgrounds are made up of some of the best and tantalising meals. They consist mainly of spicy simmered meat meals, fresh meat sautés and vegetables.

Ethiopian and Eritrean dishes are usually prepared with a unique variety of spices, which gives striking dimension to their exotic cookery. Grains such as millet, sorghum and wheat form the basic breadstuffs of the cuisine.

Fancy a place for a quick Ethiopian and Eritrean fix? Here are our top picks for restaurants in Nairobi to enjoy these authentic and exotic dishes!


asmara ethiopian restaurant nairobi

Asmara is a restaurant that creates a casual and friendly dining atmosphere by offering a truly unique dining experience. It is the perfect venue to catch up with friends and family. In Asmara you also enjoy authentic and stylish Afro contemporary cuisine created on the premises using only the finest and fresh ingredients.


Damera Restaurant

Damera Restaurant & Club

Damera is a place of celebration and joy, as you enjoy the warm ambiance available. You also get to sample some of the fine spicy and savoury Ethiopian cuisine that is served traditionally in the privacy of the curtained soft leather seated cubicles at the restaurant.



Habesha restaurant nairobi

Renowned for its Authenticity in Ethiopian/Eritrean cuisine, Habesha restaurant has been winning legions of fans in the city. Habesha offers a wide array of traditional, hearty Ethiopian/Eritrean cuisine served in a rustic and homely atmosphere.


Smart Village Eritrean restaurant

smart village ltd

It boasts of mouth-watering combination of spices, the pungent aromas, and the ever so creamy Ethiopian butter. Also get to enjoy a wide selection of Eritrean favourites at an affordable fee

For more information about the Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine check here or simply call 0711222222



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