Our Review of Nokia’s Latest Flagship – The Nokia 8

written by Fred Mwithiga 6th February 2018

It’s been a while since I’ve held a Nokia in my hand. I can’t remember them feeling this slim and refined. Then again, this is not the Nokia of days past. Their new smartphone range features a modern design, a superb screen and Android Oreo 8. I have to admit that I am a die hard iOS fanatic. I’ve never owned an android phone in my life but I was more than interested to see what Nokia had up their sleeve with their latest flagship, the Nokia 8 right in time for Nairobi Restaurant Week. Now I’m not a professional phone analyst, so I won’t ramble on benchmark performances and what not. Instead, I’ll focus on what makes a phone impressive for me – build quality, screen, OS and battery life, UI and of course the camera.

Build quality & screen

The Nokia 8 has a beautifully built phone. The unit I reviewed was their sleek pebble blue variant. The phone feels right at home in your hand and is a joy to hold. The ceramic back finish is one your friends will envy. However, I found it a little too smooth and would sometimes try to sneak out of my palm. I’m not saying I have sweaty palms, but as an unspoken rule, it’s always best to get a protective cover on your phone should your grip slip.

One of my most favorite features on the Nokia 8 has to be its impressive 2K resolution screen. I found it so good, from time to time, I would unlock the phone just get a glimpse of its radiance. Easy on the eye & beaming with rich colors, the Nokia 8 is a social media marvel thanks to it’s processing power and superb battery life. During my week with it, I charged the phone a total of 4 times mainly due to extensive use. This is significantly lower than my iPhone which constantly lives on the charger.

Operating System, User Interface and Camera

If you’re new to Android, the Nokia 8 makes your orientation to the unfamiliar OS, smooth, swift and responsive thanks to Android Oreo 8. Unlike other android devices, Nokia hasn’t messed about with the Pure Android experience. This means less bloatware, more memory and all in all a more refined user interface. The onboard finger print sensor adds an extra layer of security to your device and is great for those moments you couldn’t be bothered to type in your password by offering a swift unlock process.

When it comes to capturing memories or meme worthy shots, the Nokia 8 feature a 13 Megapixel camera at the front a dual camera and flash setup at the back with each lens packing 13MP. The camera offers a manual or pro mode that gives users a little more control on their picture quality. Is a great camera? Well it’s no DSLR but produces impressive picture quality. However, when it comes to low light images, the Nokia struggles to capture a well lit image. That being said, on a beautiful sunny day, take the phone out for a spin and you’ll be thrilled.