Who Are The Richest Chefs In The World?

written by Fred Mwithiga 2nd July 2015

Forget how most hip hop artists brag about being rich in their lyrics, if they’re not whipping up something in the kitchen, they simply aren’t making enough bread! We tend to overlook it but, being a chef is really fulfilling. They make great food and a greater pay cheque after a long day in the kitchen.

The way to a man’s wallet is through his stomach and the world’s richest chefs have proved that true. Whether they’re cooking on TV or away from the public eye in their kitchens, these chefs have raked in a ton of money.

So who exactly is the richest chef in the world? Alan Wong takes that spot with a whopping net worth of 1.1 billion dollars. Step aside Jay Z. Step aside. He has three restaurants: Alan Wong’s Honolulu, The Pineapple Room and Alan Wong’s Shanghai. They specialize in Hawaiian and Asian Fusion cuisine with a rating of 4.5 out 5 from over 1000 reviews on yelp.com. Yikes!

Alan Wong

Jamie Oliver comes in second with a net worth of 235 million dollars. Jamie is best known for his food centric television shows, restaurants and cookbooks. He is followed by the grumpiest chef in the world and fellow Briton, Gordon Ramsay who sits third at 118 million dollars. Aside from his famed Hells Kitchen and Master Chef reality shows, Gordon owns 26 restaurants around the world.

Jamie Oliver

Gordon Ramsay

I was quite pleased to find out that Chef Alain Ducasse from France, one of the founders of the worldwide Goût de France dinner (INSERT DATE) had made the list. His is currently worth 12 million dollars.

You can find the full list of chefs below.

Worlds Richest Chefs

Image source – finedininglovers.com

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