Rory O’Sullivan’s Favourite Four Bars Around The World

written by Ivy Nyayieka 19th March 2018

Rory O’Sullivan, Jameson’s East Africa Ambassador, speaks to Yummy about a bar that has no name, wedding crashing and catching the Particula fever as he compiles his ultimate shortlist of his favorite bars in the world.

NUMBER ONE is Doonmore Hotel, located on a tiny island in Ireland called Innishbofin. I worked there as a fisherman when I was young and later behind the bar. They serve amazing whisky, cocktails, fresh fish from the sea and play great folk music. Since there’s no nightclub on the island, young people are starved to have an adventure. Americans have their weddings there and the hotel always warns them that locals will inevitably invade their wedding.

NUMBER TWO  is Brew Bistro in Westlands which is already really popular here. Every time my brother gets time off from work and comes to Kenya, we go to there. We party, drink beer and Jameson and dance till the early morning. My music changes the minute I step into Nairobi too; I just want to dance. Irish people really like folk music. So we listen to folk bands, guitar, the Divine Comedy and Bob-Dylan-style bands. But when I come to Nairobi, my music changes completely. I have been listening to that Particula song constantly.

NUMBER THREE is the Dead Rabbit bar in New York which is famous for their cocktails and whisky selection. It is also popular as an after-work watering hole. I went to this bar one Christmas Eve, accompanied by my brother and a few of our friends who were also away from their hometowns. Being a cold and snowy night, we enjoyed their amazing cocktails and comforting food.

NUMBER FOUR is a really small bar- doesn’t even have a name but they call it Alhambra. This is where I would take someone on a date if I wanted to impress them. To get to the bar, you have to go up the mountains of Granada. The area has a lot of Moroccan influence because it’s right in the South of Spain, near Morocco. Up the mountains, is a breathtaking view of  the South of Spain and the castle where Christopher Columbus received royal recognition when he said he found America. They serve homemade pizzas and a rare sweet wine called La Mistela. Alhambra is the only place you can get this wine – Martell Cognac is the closest thing you can get to it.

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