Hindu New Year: Saal Mubarak

written by Michelle Slater 12th November 2015

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The five day festival marks the Hindu New Year, with millions around the world celebrating new beginnings and the triumph of good over evil. We thereby thought there was no better time to explore the rich Indian culture and cuisine than during the most significant holiday on their calendar.

From the vibrant jewel adorned outfits and glittering fireworks that light up our skies to the abundance of colourful handmade sweets and feasts fit for royalty, there’s nothing quite as enchanting as Diwali and New Year celebrations.

It is definitely no secret that food plays an integral part in all celebrations. With festivals come traditions, and with Diwali comes some of the most indulgent dishes packing both flavour and history. This month we invite some of our closest friends and supporters of Yummy to contribute their own recipes. The result is possibly the most beautiful recipe spread we’ve had to date from page 26.

We then get acquainted with the traditions behind the Festival of Lights and true to Yummy, advise you on the best spots to sample authentic Indian cuisine in the city. If you are after a Kenyan take on Indian street food or are keen to embark on an evening of Indian inspired fine dining, we have plenty of options from page 20.

Sweets take center stage during the festivities and with so many to choose from, we thought we would help beginners with a guide to the ultimate Diwali sweets. From creamy decadent Barfi made with condensed milk, sugar and assorted nuts to sweet crispy Jalebi, there’s a bit of everything to satiate your sweet tooth. We also talk to renowned Chef Sheally of Sarova who having grown up in India, sure knows a lot about its cuisine.

Finally you’ll be happy to know that our Wine Chic, Annabel Onyango, is back and fills us in on how the wedding of the year went down…wine, food, dress and all! This, along with our new travel piece in which Jewelry designer Ami Doshi swaps city buzz for the luxury of Olare Mara Kempinski, are each beautiful reminders that we need to step out of town and soak in our surroundings as often as possible. From all of us at Yummy Magazine we wish you a very Happy Diwali. We hope this edition will give you every reason to partake in the festivities and celebrate the rich heritage and culture that comes with it.


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