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Price: See KenyaBuzz event listing belowWHEN: Saturday, September 22 – Sat, Sep 29Duration: 8 days

Event description

Celebrate identity, embrace novelty and revel in the creation of a beautiful interface for engagement.

2012 is a high impact year for Kenyans, and the Festival will vigorously drive the message of harmonious co-existence, cross cultural acceptance, cohesion and encounters in a soft, exciting, creative, innovative and dynamic manner. Using the primary theme of ‘Creating Cultural Encounters’, we will demonstrate how culture, music and art can be used as powerful tools to generate these encounters and to encourage people to learn about each other, and understand each other better.

Sidi Goma
Saturday September 22nd at Alliance Francaise at 8pm. Festival Curtain Raiser.The Sidis of Gujarat are a tribal Sufi community of East African origin which came to India eight centuries ago and made India their home. They carried with them their exceptionally rich musical tradition and kept it alive and flourishing through the generations, unknown to the rest of the world.




Tuesday September 25th at Kenya National Theatre at 8pm. A play by Mombasa playwright, Kuldip Sondhi. Different cultural responses to corruption in Kenya.





Wednesday September 26th at The National Theatre Courtyard at 8pm. The art of storytelling is central to all traditional cultures and has been customarily used to impart knowledge, teach, and preserve customs and tribal identity through generations. Hadithi will showcase and demonstrate the beautiful cultural myths, values and stories inherent in all tribal cultures in Kenya, with the specific objective of highlighting similarities which run through the various traditions.





SAMOSA String and Sculpture Concert

Thursday September 27th at Karura Forest at 8pm. SAMOSA String musicians featuring Hoperaisers (Korogosho). Kuona Trust comes on board as a SAMOSA Cultural Partner in 2012. Eight artists from Kuona will present pieces specially commissioned for SAMOSA 2012. The sculptures will be unveiled during the SAMOSA String Concert – a unique collaboration featuring the Nyatiti, Obokano, Violin, Double Bass, Guitar, Sitar, Tabla, Dhol and Indo-Jazz vocals. Kenyan musicians will explore cultural encounters using musical form and structure in this distinctive SAMOSA production.





Festival Finale- Pigo la Moyo 
The Heartbeat of Kenya is her People
Slum Drummers vs. Sidi Goma vs. Dhol

Saturday September 29th at Kenyatta International Conference Centre Courtyard.

Vendor Market: 5pm – 7.30pm.
Pigo la Moyo: 8.00pm.

The Festival culminates with an epic explosion of Rhythm, Percussion, Dance and Celebration: Celebrate Identity, Embrace Novelty and Revel in the Creation of a beautiful interface for Engagement.





The Samosa Festival is a biennial cultural platform which blends culture, music, poetry, art and drama to convey messages related to the cohesion and integration of Kenyan society in a creative and expansive manner. It showcases the best of Kenyan culture by bringing together elements from Africa, the East and the West through productions and events which depict an intermingling of various traditional and contemporary interpretations of music, movement and art. The SAMOSA ethic is grounded in the core values of integrity, transparency and a deep respect for the sanctity of art.

SAMOSA Events: Click through to find out details of events scheduled for the festival

Samosa Festival 2012: Samosa Teenagers
Samosa Festival 2012: Faces of Kenya
Samosa Festival 2012: Hadithi
Samosa Festival 2012: Sidi Goma- Alliance Francaise
Samosa Festival 2012: Sidi Goma- National Museum
Samosa Festival 2012: SAMOSA Play!
Samosa Festival 2012: SAMOSA Mobile Cinema
Samosa Festival 2012: SAMOSA String and Sculpture Concert
Samosa Festival 2012: Tides 
SAMOSA Festival 2012: Festival Finale- Pigo la Moyo (Heartbeat)


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