Sarova Stanley’s New Chef’s Table Dining

written by Soni Adriance 20th November 2015

Dining at the “chef’s table” means you’re dining in the chef’s office which, more often than not, is located in the kitchen. At Sarova Stanley, the chef’s office sit’s above the industrial sized washer and overlooks the kitchen. Up until recently, this office contained binders, a whiteboard for sketching up menu ideas, a desk, and a laptop. Today, the chef’s office sits six people comfortably in a private room overlooking Sarova Stanley’s impressive kitchen.

2015-11-02 13.10.03

The chef’s table is a new addition to the culinary experience at Sarova Stanley. One can book a chef’s table for a private event, a special dinner, or a business meeting. It’s a tailor-made fine dining experience that emphasizes privacy and exclusivity.

Diners can customize their menu with head Chefs Godfrey and Isaac, who are the dedicated chef’s table chefs. The menu can then be paired with any beverage the diner would like to have accompany their meal. Due to these customizations, there is no set menu or set cost. With three to four days notice, you can book this room for yourself.

Martin and Alice provide butler-style service when dining in the private room. They are discrete and effortless in their service which makes the entire experience feel special. Before you’re on your last sip of water, your glass is refilled. Your plate is cleared from in front of you often without you noticing. It’s a seamless style of service that is hard to find elsewhere.

On the day that we went to experience the chef’s table, a nine course meal was prepared. We walked through Thai Chi, past the back bar, into the kitchen, through another doorway, and up some stairs to find the room that we would be dining in. It was an exciting journey that really highlighted the uniqueness of what we were about to do.

Our lunch menu was as follows:

Lobster tail crab roulade with tomato vodka jelly and caviar

2015-11-02 13.37.56 (1)

Broccoli and apple veloute

Salmon ceviche served with a  saffron dressing

2015-11-02 13.55.51 (1)

Supreme of chicken with asparagus and truffle beurre blanc

2015-11-02 14.07.36 (1)

Tamarind sorbet served on lime ice

2015-11-02 14.17.44 (1)

Grilled fillet of beef with port braised basket mushroom puree

2015-11-02 14.35.42 (1)

Iced berry pancotta

2015-11-02 14.54.31 (1)

Sticky toffee pudding served with lemon grass and coconut ice cream

2015-11-02 15.03.11 (1)

Petit fours and coffee

2015-11-02 15.14.33

2015-11-02 15.19.02

Each dish was beautifully plated with delicate yet complex flavours. The courses are well-paced with about five minutes between dishes however at any point you can ask for a break, sit back, and enjoy the novelty of your experience. Some dishes were interactive, such as the tamarind sorbet which came on smoking dry ice or the grilled beef which got the port sauce poured over it. The portions looked small but were actually quite filling once I had gotten through about six courses.

The entire lunch took us about two hours to get through. This is definitely an occasion you would want to set aside ample time for. Sarova Stanley has began to accept reservations for the room so for the next event that you want to be distinctly memorable, I suggest giving them a call.


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