Where To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth In Westlands

written by Mary Mahinda 6th March 2015

The best thing about dessert is that it can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. Whether you choose to have it on the go or give it the attention it deserves, dessert hardly disappoints especially if gotten at the right place. Here is a list of some of the places you need to visit in Westlands to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Gallery at Sankara


The Gallery host two spectacular wine walls and gourmet patisserie displays. Featuring the finest in food and wine with an extensive wine menu and light delicatessen cuisine, it is sure to capture the delight of every gourmand and connoisseur alike.

Artcaffe Oval


Artcaffe at the Oval also houses the famous ArtBakery shop, serving freshly baked homemade breads, pastries, cakes and desserts. They have some fantastic choices on their menu, from their Art Volcano to the Blueberry Cheesecake, Artcaffe will bless your mouth with sugary goodness.

Cold Stone


Cold Stone is a dessert heaven. They have an extensive range of flavours to chose from and they let you sample them before you can try! Indulge by choosing one of their ice cream, yogurt or sorbet flavors, then choose from a wide variety of fruits, candies or nuts to have mixed into your ice cream.

Creamy Inn

Where To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth In Westlands

Creamy Inn at Oil Libya has a selection of delectable ice cream cones, ice cream cups, sundaes, milkshakes and waffles. The best part about Creamy Inn is that you can get an ice cream cone for as little as Ksh. 50! So even when your pocket is low you can have your sweet tooth sweetened out. Their menu offering can be adapted to include a range of gourmet coffees, confectionery, cakes and delicious fresh pastries.

Cake City

Where To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth In Westlands

Their cakes are based upon traditional recipes and have a very distinctive home baked flavor. They will be more than glad to take care of your sweet tooth.

Planet Yogurt

Where To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth In Westlands

Planet Yogurt believes in bringing friends and family together to enjoy the most natural & fun frozen yogurt experience that promotes a healthy lifestyle. The next time you are in Sarit Center, stop by planet yogurt for the best frozen yogurt you will ever lay your hands on.


Jade Coffee & Teahouse at Zen Garden

Where To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth In Westlands

Jade is a beautiful venue, situated in the heart of Spring Valley. Enjoy your dessert in the sheer beauty of the location, good quality food and high level of service.

Mama’s Patisserie

Where To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth In Westlands

Mamas is a little bit of Paris adoringly fashioned by a self taught chef and a food knowledge enthusiast, who draws her inspiration from classic French cuisine, from the petite patisseries on Rue de Seine and from fresh and natural flavours.

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