Say “CHEERS” to Nairobi Cocktail Week

written by Liz Maelane 29th August 2014

Lift your glasses up to Kenya’s capital over the next 7 days and participate in the first ever Nairobi Cocktail Week brought to you by Aqueous Mobile Bar Service! From Friday, August 29th to Sunday, September 7th, 25 of your favourite bars and restaurants will showcase a unique Nairobi Cocktail Week (NCW) menu featuring delicious concoctions at the ridiculously low price of 400Ksh per cocktail! The week will also feature a few private parties and events (check the NCW Facebook page for details)


The way they have made this happen is by partnering up with 4 brands—Jameson, Absolut, Havana Club Rum and Beefeater Gin—for the cocktail menu, and 1 brand—Luxado—for an exciting range of Sambuca shooters.

12 of the 25 bars and restaurants will offer the following standard NCW menu:


“The Jamie ‘n Ginger and Jameson Irish Old Fashioned”



“The Absolut Frutini and Absolut Cranapple” refreshing and fruity.



“The Quintessential Mojito. Fullstop.” featuring Havana Club’s 3-year-old Rum with mint, lime juice and sugar



“The Fruit Collins and B & T (signature gin and tonic)” classic Gin drinks with a twist



Luxado’s shooters will include an array of exciting flavours such as: Spiced Apple, Cranberry, Raspberry, Chilli and many more.


The other 13 bars and restaurants decided to give themselves a fun challenge and crafted their own NCW menu (still at 400Ksh per cocktail) using the 5 participating liquor brands. This is your chance to try the unique creations of places like The Fairmont Norfolk, The Phoenician and Talisman. Look out for Ole Sereni’s “Sexy-Reni” or try either the Cuban or Irish Sangria at The Wine Shop downstairs from Brew Bistro.


Speaking about the exciting Aqueous initiative, NCW organizer Brian Owango had the following to say “The purpose of this event is to encourage people to take back the streets of Nairobi. Ever since the tragedy that hit us in September last year, Nairobi has been a very scary place. This event aims to call upon people to feel alive again in a classy and cheerful manner. So, go out! Enjoy yourselves (responsibly)! Most of all take this time to celebrate being Kenyan and celebrate living in this great, pulsating city!”

Well, you heard the man, help bring the city’s sexy back by treating yourself to a fabulous night out with friends or family. This is too good of an offer to pass up. Make sure to share your special NCW moments through @aqueouskenya,  #NCW2014 and #CelebratingNairobi

Celebrate safely by using the efficient services of NCW partner: Easy Taxi.  Snap an awesome picture of yourself getting into an Easy Taxi during NCW, use the hashtag #safey (facebook, instagram or twitter) and you could win your own bottle of Absolut Vodka!

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