All About Seafood In The August Issue of Msafiri

written by Fred Mwithiga 3rd August 2015

All About Seafood in The August Issue of Msafiri

Whether you’re flying in to Kenya for the first time or coming back home from your successful business trip, you’re going to be looking for a fancy restaurant where you can eat out and savour the finest food Nairobi has to offer. Since you’re an adventurous person, we have something that you will definitely like to try out.

In your copy of the Msafiri magazine, flip over to page 30 to find where your next dinner date is going to be. We review Seven Seafood and Grill at Abc Place, a restaurant best known for its fine dining seafood experience and live crabs! Their exclusive ambiance and their delicious dishes prepared by celebrity chef Kiran Jethwa will have your tummy falling in love!

Perfect for a family lunch or dinner, Ocean Basket’s famed family platters will be a seafood treat for your entire family. Located at the Oval in Westlands, the international restaurant which started in 1996 in South Africa, has an extensive seafood menu that everyone is bound to enjoy.

What are you waiting for? Head on down to either of the two and indulge in a seafood feast!

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