Seafood Casserole Recipe

written by Yummy Editorial 16th March 2016

Seafood Casserole Recipe

Serves: 2-4 Prep Time: Cooking Time:


100g lobster tail
200g crab
100g T3 special queen prawns
60g calamari
60g fish fillet
100ml casserole sauce
20ml corn oil
10g cayenne pepper
sprig of fresh dhania
For the casserole sauce:

400g mirepoix (without leeks)
100ml corn oil
1g ground black pepper
20g salt, 2ltr coconut cream
10g sugar
200ml brandy
40g fresh ginger
1g cayenne pepper
5g tumeric powder
1g saffron


  1. Sauté the mirepoix and ginger in the corn oil.
  2. Once soft, add the saffron, cayenne, tumeric, salt and pepper.
  3. Then add the sugar and brandy and ensure it doesn’t flambé.
  4. Add the coconut cream; do not boil but simmer gently and adjust the seasoning accordingly.
  5. Sauté the seafood in this order: lobster, calamari, fish, prawns and crab, then add the sauce and simmer.
  6. Serve with a choice of starch.

Seafood Casserole Recipe


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