Season Spots

written by Yummy Team 22nd December 2018

This holiday season, we wanted to find out where our local celebrities like to go and what they like to do!


Marcus Olang’ – Twitter @Marcusolang ‏

Marcus Olang’ is a writer by nature, photographer by habit, strategist by practice. He’s also the Founder of Courage Stories (couragestories.org).

This has been my secret spot: The Shack at Magharibi Place, Nairobi West. The place is one of those little places you’d ordinarily just walk or drive past. They don’t really have seating space, only a couple of tables and benches outside their stall. Such simple spaces appeal to me. Just you, your seat and the open air. The opportunity to do a bit of people-watching with the street and sidewalk close by is also a welcome treat.


Philippa Ndisi-Herrmann- @Onethirstyfish

Philippa Ndisi-Herrmann is an award-winning Poet, Photographer & Filmmaker moonlighting from time to time as DJ & Intuitive Guide.

If you’re ever looking for me, you’ll find me at Abyssinia, Westlands. I’m there most of the time. I’m a Veggie now, so Shiro and Zima Mojat are dishes I highly recommend. Another spot I love to romance my friends at is Amani Gardens, off Rhapta Road. Tall trees, lush garden, super chirpy staff, delicious gluten-free pizza and when you get the itis, you can take a snooze on the grass. What more can you ask for?

Muthoni The Drummer Queen – @MuthoniDQ

Muthoni Drummer Queen is a singer/rapper/drummer as well as a creative entrepreneur running two festivals: Africa Nouveau and Blankets & Wine.

For my birthday this year, friends and I took over a tiny Thai restaurant on the 1st floor of Bishan Plaza, Westlands. It was GREAT! The food is good and very reasonably priced. The whole aesthetic is very “kibanda” and I loved that we could bring our own wine and cake (with no extra corkage). The combination of good food and authentic ambience plus the ability to make it into our own makes the restaurant a win for me!

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