Shangrila Restaurant; Where India Meets China

written by EatOut 25th April 2013

Growing up with a Goan father; curries are nothing new to me. So as I walked into Shangrila and the aromas of exotic herbs and spices welcome me, I couldn’t help but be reminded of home. Located on the first floor of the new wing of Diamond Plaza in Parklands the restaurant is dimly lit highlighting the rich reds, browns and gold colours used in their décor and traditional Indian sculptures and paintings hanging against the white walls. ‘Shangrila’ translates to a place of complete bliss and delight, which perfectly describes the relaxed, and warm atmosphere of the restaurant as well as the friendly attention you receive from the staff.

Shangrila interior

Can’t get the family to all agree on whether they want Chinese or Indian food? Shangrila is the perfect choice for you. Specializing in both Chinese and Indian cuisine, the restaurant follows recent trends in Asia where the two cultures are fusing their food with more and more Chinese food suppliers popping up across India. There are two sections of the menu each focusing on traditional choices from each country allowing their customers a wider variety of dishes to choose from. Furthermore there are multiple vegetarian options for the non-meat eaters making Shangrila a restaurant able to cater to several people’s specific tastes and preferences.

Shangrila is well known for their Chinese ‘threaded’ starter selections including chicken, paneer and prawns. Opting for the paneer option we were pleasantly surprised. A succulent and spicy piece of marinated paneer is rolled in thin crunchy strips of pastry and deep-fried to give the dish an enticing contrast. Prawns Koliwada was the most memorable from the Indian starter selections. These spicy battered prawns were not only delicious but also beautifully presented with yellow capsicum carved into the shapes of roses and fresh salad beside it.

Chinese ‘threaded’ starter selections

After a tasty start to the meal we eagerly awaited our main courses of which one dish shone the most for me, the Goan Fish Curry. As a Goan myself I was sceptical about the standards of this national dish but was pleased to find that they had done everything right. The chunks of tilapia cooked in an authentic coconut sauce paired well with the naans and left everyone feeling full and happy.

Apart from the delicious and affordable food the restaurant also has several aspects making it a perfect location for a business lunch. It is close to Westlands and therefore nearby for many offices in the surrounding area. Shangrila can do business meals for groups of up to 40 tailored to your specific needs as well as specialized outside catering for groups of up to 1000 people and home deliveries. So next time you have a craving for spice why not give this Indian – Chinese fusion restaurant a try.

For online bookings please go to www.eatout.co.ke/Shangrila

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