‘Share A Coke’ Campaign Finally In Kenya

written by Mary Mahinda 16th January 2015

You must have seen one of these custom Coke cans doing rounds on social media bearing an influential person’s name. If you have, then this is because the #Shareacoke campaign has landed in Kenya and they are making all these customised cans and bottles to appreciate the public who have played part in their success story.

The share a Coke campaign made it possible for hundreds if not thousands of Kenyans to enjoy a personal touch with their soda as well as share the joy and appreciate their friends through these simple yet unique and thoughtful gifts.

The “Share a Coke” campaign first launched in Australia in 2011, and the idea came from the local executives and the ad agency Ogilvy. In the years since, the campaign has spread to more than 70 countries, including Kenya with radio personalities Caroline Mutoko and Carol Radull being among those who got themselves these custom made coca cola cans.

'Share A Coke' Campaign Finally In Kenya 'Share A Coke' Campaign Finally In Kenya 'Share A Coke' Campaign Finally In Kenya

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