A Shoe Lounge to feed our Shoe Addiction

written by Ami 2nd July 2012

“A woman can never have too many shoes”

For all us ladies out there who have a shoe obsession, this statement is our attempt at denial. Lets face it girls…we blatantly know that this is a lie. A woman can have too many shoes because of 2 vital reasons:

  1. We have no physical space for another pair and we refuse to get rid of the pair that looked soooooooooo beautiful but can’t walk in.
  2. Our addiction costs money…a lot of it and as we dive further and further into the shoe illness, our bank balances are also suffering, just like our bad backs. Raise your hands if you would rather starve than be caught in a bad pair of shoes!!!

Nevertheless, it seems that Grace Makosewe of Nairobi VIP Parties understands the obsession. This weekend, Zen Gardens and Grace hosted Nairobi’s first ever Shoe Lounge. From dangerously high stilettos to prim ballerinas, the Shoe Lounge brought together various retailers in one fabulous place so that we could shop and indulge in comfort.

And indulge I did. In fact, I’m wearing my pair while I tap away at the keyboard…and it feels goooooooood!


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