Shokudo: An Authentic Piece of Japan in Nairobi

written by Yummy Team 25th August 2019

Tiny restaurants and cafes can be found all over Japan. The effective use of space is a technique that the Japanese have mastered. David and Wangari Wachira have brought that aesthetic here with their simply designed restaurant that sits comfortably along the busy Lenana Road behind the Java at Astrol Petrol Station.

David and Wangari are the owners of Jinya (Japanese Food Store) and Shokudo. They are intensely passionate about Japanese culture and are proud to bring their cuisine to Kenyans. Japanese food is something that they consider home cooking. It comforts them and their family and is a regular thing. In a city where most people know sushi more than anything else, the couple wanted people to explore other Japanese meals that they love. At their Jinya food store, they currently do Japanese lunch boxes. The cafe is small, seating around 20 people and cosy enough for people to enjoy their food and company.

Behind those walls, you leave all the stress of sitting in traffic behind and indulge in food that not only tastes good but is healthy.

This was not our first time here. In the earlier hot months of the year, we tried their refreshing soba and sweet desserts. Now that the weather has taken a turn for the gloomy, we hunched our way into the restaurant for an authentic Japanese breakfast. We were not disappointed.

We started off with the Japanese breakfast set which was a simple tray on which sat a pink slice of salmon that was surrounded by plenty of side dishes. Between the cooked vegetables that had the telltale crunch, pungent natto, hot miso soup filled with silky tofu and perfect fried egg, we were stuffed!

We’re weren’t done though! We were also there to try the rice balls also known as onigiri. Sitting peacefully on a plate were two onigiri, one filled with tempura bits mixed in with soy sauce and rice while the other was filled with purple seaweed. One bite of each put aside any apprehension and within seconds both rice balls were done with the obvious favourite being the crunchy and salty onigiri.

Once done with the meal we determined that between the art, good food and wide selection of drinks, Shokudo is the kind of place that warrants a third, fourth or even fifth visit.

Location: Astrol Petrol Station, Lenana Road

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday: 8AM – 9PM, Sunday: 9AM – 4PM

Reservations: 0706 555 555/0722 788135

Google Rating: 5.0/5

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