Not So Fast! : 7 Signs You’re Addicted To Fast Food

written by Fred Mwithiga 22nd April 2015

Not So Fast! : 7 Signs You're Addicted To Fast Food

Everyone has their own guilty pleasure. It maybe coffee, chocolate, wine, fast food or apples – which I have never heard any one confess to, but since we all have different tastes, I won’t rule them out. I love my chicken. Whether its deep fried, grilled, baked or still in its egg. I simply love chicken. And fries, and crisps and my mums muffins.

I have nothing against fast food. Nothing at all. Sometimes the only thing you can get your hands on for lunch is a nice juicy burger. However, I do believe there’s a thin deep fried line between a once-in-a-while fast food lunch and a full blown addict. This concept does not apply to drugs by the way. Drugs are bad.

So what are the signs you might be addicted to fast food? Get out a pen and a paper, start ticking how many of these you fall in.

Not So Fast! : 7 Signs You're Addicted To Fast Food

1. Employees know your name

That should probably get you thinking. If the guys over at Mc Frys know you on a first name basis, you should probably reconsider how many times you pop over for some fries. With the number of people they serve everyday, you must really stand out.

2. You know where all the locations are.

If you’re using restaurants as landmarks when giving directions or you could list all their locations in your sleep that shows how much you think about fast food.

3. You never need to buy ketchup

You have lots of those free ketchup sachets that you get when you order fast food to the point you don’t have to buy ketchup at home anymore, you should probably slow down.

4. Sometimes it’s your three meals a day.

Does your breakfast, lunch and dinner equate to fast food? You my friend are falling into the frying pan.

Not So Fast! : 7 Signs You're Addicted To Fast Food

5. Refer to them as ‘restaurants’

I won’t judge you and all but if you consider a fast food chain your favourite restaurant, you need to spread your wings and try some new places.

6. Eat it in secret

If you have to hide when you want to have some because you don’t want other people to know, you shouldn’t be having it anyway.

7. You’ve tried their entire menu.

This is a no brainer. I honestly hope no one is on this level of addiction. All their items? Their whole menu? Lets forget the whole menu bit. Even if its 75% of the menu, you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself!

Not So Fast! : 7 Signs You're Addicted To Fast Food

adapted from rantfood.com


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