Simphiwe Dana’s “Weird” Love of Chicken Feet

written by Andrew Onyango 9th November 2014

Simphiwe Dana At Koroga Festival

South African singing sensation Simphiwe Dana, who is performing live at the Koroga Festival tonight, loves to eat chicken feet and the story behind this will warm your heart.

In an exclusive interview with Yummy, Simphiwe revealed that growing up in South Africa, girls were not allowed to eat chicken.

“We used to be told that when we eat the chicken feet we would be able to run very fast, but that was just a lie to get us to not want the rest of the chicken.

But now I love them, I cook them very nicely at home, even for my guests.”

Why Simphiwe Loves Chicken Feet

Papa Wemba Performs At Koroga Festival

Baaba Mal Performs At Koroga Festival

I know what you are thinking, “Chicken Feet!? Really!?” but if they are made just right, chicken feet are actually delicious. Luckily, the talented singer now knows she can eat the whole chicken and not just the feet but because we know she loves the feet, here is a delicious chicken feet recipe.

Look out for the full video interview with Simphiwe, coming soon, exclusively to Yummy.

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