Beef Sausages Lyonnaise Is Really Good!

written by Yummy Team 26th July 2019

You’re probably thinking hmm… How? There are several ways to enjoy your beef sausages. The recipes are quite a number and this one is slightly different from what you’d normally.

You’d think because we’ve mentioned lyonnaise it probably means we’ll have some potatoes somewhere right? Not at all. It’s just the style of cooking that changes and a few more ingredients.


Fresh ripe tomatoes
Beef sausages


  1. Purée the tomatoes to a coarse consistency. Cut the onions into strips, purée the garlic to a smooth consistency.
  2. Pan-fry the onions till golden brown; once the colour is achieved, add the garlic and sweat till cooked. Add the puréed tomato and cook till the tomato purée is hot and cooked through
  3. Pan-fry the beef sausages till entirely brown and serve with the sauce.



Goes well with mash potato or mash banana.

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