The Simple Art of Cigar and Food Pairing

written by Anthony Mbugua 15th July 2019

Cigar aficionados definitely know the drinks to pair with their cigars. Most cigar smokers also enjoy having a meal while smoking but finding the perfect cigar and food pairing balance is not as easy. Strong flavours in food can kill the taste of the cigar or vice versa. The trick is to know the kind of cigar to consume in-between specific meals.

Cigar and food pairings are however not written in stone. You might enjoy a full-bodied cigar with a dish that’s not traditionally prescribed to go together. What we’re offering is an easier navigation path for you as a cigar lover in the dining world but it should not limit what you enjoy. We’re sure you’ve seen people enjoy fries with avocado yeah? (we see that eye-roll buddy!)

Light bites

If you’re smoking a light cigar, you should definitely pair that with light meals that don’t have strong flavours. Olives, cheese or rather any Prosciutto or antipasto platters. Salty flavours will blend well with your light cigar which also won’t have strongly pronounced tastes. A great way to start your evening with friends and keep your palate satisfied.


Creamy meals

When it comes to cigar and food pairing you definitely know that fish is on the list. The aim here is to go for smoky meals so as to enhance the taste of your cigar. Smoked fish and creamy pasta will work well together with what you’re smoking. A bowl of creamy chicken soup or onion gratin soup is heavenly when paired with cigars.



Meaty bites

You should consider having your premium cigar with meat. In this case, a medium or full-bodied cigar should be paired with steak. Steak can be grilled or brisket, barbecued or chargrilled. Sausages and ribs are the meaty bites to pair with your cigar. Full-bodied cigars have intense flavours which are enriched with similar dishes with intense flavours and textures, hence steak. This cigar and food pairing is never going out of style.



Cigar and sweet treats don’t really work. However, dark chocolate is what you should go for should you decide to have dessert with a cigar. Dark chocolate nearly borders on the bitter taste so that doesn’t kill the taste of the cigar. Another trick to cigar and food pairing in the dessert section is having nuts such as almonds and cashews or having light nutty meals.

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