The Simple Guide To Ordering Beer

written by Fatma Pole 30th September 2014

Choosing from the wide array of beers available in Nairobi can be tricky (especially during Brew Bistro’s Oktoberfest!). Just like wines and whiskies beers are complex and varied too. Here’s a break down of what each beer is, including the award-winning brews available all over Nairobi this month from Big 5 Breweries!




Lagers are  brewed with yeast that ferments at the bottom of the tank. They are stored in very cold temperatures for a longer time to produce a beer that is clean and clearer, smooth, refreshing with a light aroma and flavor. Lagers are always served cold and are easy to pair with foods.


[Pic/ www.bertusbrewery.com]


Ales are brewed with the top fermenting style  and stored in higher temperatures producing a darker beer (rich gold to reddish amber). Ales are  full bodied, fruity flavored and complex which makes them slightly harder to pair with foods. But are great on their own!

Porter or stout [Pic themanagementshop.com]

Porter or stout [Pic themanagementshop.com]

Stouts & Porters

Porter is an almost black, fruity flavored, dry beer brewed with a top fermenting style.  Stout is also a black, roast brew made by top fermentation but is not as sweet. It has a rich, creamy head and is colored and flavored with barley gives it a dark, coffee-like character.


Usually dark and sweet with a slight amount of of caramel, toffee, and nuts. They vary from light to full bodied.

P.S: lighter beers have a light wheat or barley malt which is what makes it light in colour. A stout contains a darker malt and is richer in flavor. The darker the beer means more calories and mostly more alcohol content.


[PIC wise geek]

 Brew Bistro & Lounge‘s proud Big 5 Breweries Creations (enjoy at participating bars across Nairobi this month)


ChuliKolsch (Alc. 4.8%v/v)Perfectly refreshing, 100% malt, German style pale blonde ale, crystal clear drink with a light body, medium bitterness & clean taste.


Simpils (Alc. 5.2%v/v)-The champagne of beers, a classic medium bodied 100% malt Pilsner with a complex but well balanced malty character, a flowery hop aroma, a dry finish  & a golden blond color with excellent clarity.


Temstout (Alc. 5.2%v/v)-Liquid Goodness, a classic black full bodied beer with a lovely creamy head, signature aroma of coffee, roasted malt & dark chocolate. A fine fulsome stout with with a pleasant bitter aftertaste.


Nyatipa (Alc. 6.5%v/v)-Art in Fermented Form, a 100% malt deep copper colored style pale ale, well rounded, bitter, medium bodied with an ideal head of foam.


Kifabock (Alc. 6.5%v/v)-Great Minds Drink Alike, full bodied 100% malt, Belgian style Dubbel Bock with an intense malt flavour, chocolaty & caramel overtones, a lightly hopped aroma &  a golden brown colour.


Happy drinking.

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