Simple Ramadhan Breakfast Ideas

written by Anthony Mbugua 8th May 2019

It is important to have a hearty and healthy breakfast during the Holy month of Ramadhan. This will help keep you strong throughout the day as you fast and pray. We’ve compiled a few breakfast ideas you should consider as you observe Ramadhan.

 Eggs and avocado sandwich

You just need a few slices of bread and you’re good to go. The eggs can be poached or fried and you can place them in-between the bread and add avocado slices on a different slice of bread. Bread provides with the energy you will need for the day while the eggs will give you the strength to carry out your day’s activities. Avocados have a plethora of benefits among them is that they have low cholesterol and they contain potassium which is good for your body.

Add to your shopping list: avocado, eggs, slices of bread




This is something you can have in the morning before you begin your prayers. The fact that it has nuts is good for you. Some brands of muesli have sugar which will give you the glucose kick you need to have a productive day. You can also make your own muesli at home to ensure you get exactly what you want. You can take your muesli with yoghurt or milk.

Add to your shopping list: Muesli from stores such as Healthy U or Naivas, yoghurt, milk.



Spinach and feta wrap

This is another breakfast that has health benefits and one that’s easy to make at home. You will need spinach, feta cheese, scrambled eggs and combine them in a tortilla wrap. This is a hearty breakfast treat for a long day ahead.

Add to your shopping list: Eggs, feta cheese, tortilla wraps from Carrefour or Chandarana food stores.


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Chapati banana or apple wrap

If you’re looking for a more vegetarian breakfast, here’s an idea. Prepare or buy chapatis and then wrap slices of bananas or apple inside them. You can have this with as many fruits as possible and then have your preferred beverage to go with this. It is easy to prepare and will also push you through the day.

Add to your shopping list: bananas, apples, and any other preferred fruits. You can also buy chapati.


Carrot and zucchini pancakes

You can never go wrong with pancakes in the morning. You can prepare one with carrots and zucchini to give them a different flavour. Pancakes are also easy to prepare early in the morning or you can make them at night and eat them in the morning by reheating in the microwave if you froze them. The good thing with pancakes is that you can add any toppings; fruits or yoghurt.

Add to your shopping list: carrots, zucchini, butter



Photography by Foodandwine.com

Egg salad

There are still different ways you can have your eggs at home. Ever had an egg salad? Hard-boil your eggs for about 10 to 15 minutes and then slice them up and eat them with fruits such as strawberries or even add mustard or mayonnaise. You can make this a sandwich or have it as it is.

Add to your shopping list: eggs, fruits, mayonnaise, and mustard.

Photography by Viralplanet.net

Mushroom Frittata

This is another great idea for breakfast. The good thing is you can prepare this and eat it on different days for about a week. This is prepared over the oven broiler and it takes about 12 minutes till it is ready.

What you will need: thinly sliced mushrooms, thinly sliced onions, vegetable oil, eggs, chopped parsley, pepper.

Photography by ChocolateCoveredKatie.com

 Oatmeal cupcakes

These can be great for kids apart from the fact that they make the house smell really delicious. You can make as many as you can which allows you to have them over a few days as well.

Add to your shopping list: oats, cupcake papers, vegetable oil, vanilla extract





Yup, it definitely had to be on the list. You can opt to use oats to prepare it. You can serve your porridge with fruits such as blueberries.

Add to your shopping list: porridge flour, sugar, milk.



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