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written by Sanaa Mughal 5th December 2018

Living here as long as we have, it’s easy to overlook the fact that how we get our food and our daily actions when it comes to food isn’t normal or the most efficient. We don’t see the gaps that others would and we here at Yummy will be the first to admit that even if we did know there’s something wrong, we’re not sure we’re the people to solve it.

For Yummy, food is primarily our business. We pride ourselves in knowing the best places to eat, drink and generally have a good time, and now, through our partnership with The Nest collective and What Design Can Do, we’re working towards making the food supply chain better. Through the people of Kenya, we’re hoping that elegant solutions will form that will enhance the foodie experience in Kenya and also enrich lives.

When we were first approached by The Nest Collective, one of WDCD’s Nairobi partners, we did not know the first thing about it. The website was a little intimidating and we’re still plagued with the idea that even if solutions can be submitted, can we really change the status quo? Herein comes the trigger: Hope.

The most brilliant people in the world have repeated over and over again that change can begin with one person and one idea. In a world of complex protocols and systems, hope is easily understood and we’re hoping it can start with this.

In its simplest form and explained by laymen (us), The What Design Can Do challenge is a global initiative pushing professionals, startups and students to solve issues in our society with an idea that can actually be implemented. Of course, the actual process is a bit more detailed and you can find out more through an interview we did or from their website, but in its essence, the challenge is about how an idea can change Kenya.

The challenge for Nairobi is about Food Supply. The reason for this is because the way we get our food, consume it and distribute it is biased and not the most effective solution for the majority of the country. Ideas around how to improve our system or even create awareness are welcome, with entries covering topics such as how to support local farmers to transport solutions.  

Today is the LAST DAY of the challenge and perhaps to give you a little more incentive, the winner stands to be rewarded with €10,000! Here are a few submissions we liked so far:

A cross-platform application with crowd-sourced data that uses Artificial Intelligence to provide first-hand solutions to farmers.


Using solar power to increase access to fresh water in vulnerable areas.

If you think you have a better idea, here’s your chance to see where it can go! Submit your entry here https://cleanenergychallenge.whatdesigncando.com/projects/


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