Sinful Triple Layer Pie Cake

written by Eugene Mburu 17th November 2014

This triple layer cake combines 2 amazing cake flavors, fresh fruit and three pies on top of each other to create one “super cake”. This is it cake lovers… This is the cake we have been waiting for.

This Thanksgiving, forget having to choose between cake and pie. We can have them all and all at once.



Truth be told, I am not the biggest fan of Pies or Arsenal, but if someone served me this at a Thanksgiving party, then they can have my hand in marriage. Or my kids. Both really if they let me eat the entire cake.

This is a recipe that combines pies and cake batter, bakes well and tops with frosting and fruit to make the perfect and most decadent Thanksgiving pie.

Can I add this on my foodie bucket list? #OkDone



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