Sizzling Pork Ribs At Park Inn By Radisson

written by Winnie Wangui 5th September 2018

The inviting aroma of smoked pork ribs, the sizzling sound as they are brought to the table, the mouth-watering glisten against the warm light, this is how the rack of  Smoked Barbeque Pork Ribs arrived at our table at Live Inn restaurant on the ground floor of Park Inn By Radisson.

Ribs at Park Inn

Specially prepared by Chef Charles Gathomo, the ribs are glazed with a sweet and sour sauce that had me licking my fingertips after every bite. Efforts to find out the ingredients of the sauce didn’t bear fruit as Chef Charles insisted on guarding his precious top secret recipe. The generously portioned ribs are served with a side of purple cabbage and fries. When we asked for ribs, we did not expect to be served a full rack, but that this is how the good people at Live Inn serve their ribs.

Tender, fleshy,  flavourful and aromatic, this was a tantalizing treat which I recommend you experience. Just make sure to go with an appetite because chances are, you’ll wipe your plate clean!

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