surprises EatOut GM with a birthday cake

by Kevin Wandu

Kenyans love cake almost as much as Tusker (beer) and Nyama Choma (grilled meat) so to celebrate the recent arrival of EatOut’s Elaine Dang, our friends at whipped up a little something for our ‘sister from another company’.

The team made the long trek upstairs and delivered the cake with love to Ms. Elaine led by SleepOut CTO Paul Schwarz and EatOut CEO/SleepOut COO Mikul Shah.


Elaine loves cake so much that at first she was unwilling to share. Paul then sat her down and explained that sharing was good and in the interest of diplomacy, compromise was found. Elaine then proclaimed, “ok, let them eat cake.”

SleepOut offers EatOut GM a birthday cake.
SleepOut suprises EatOut GM with a birthday cake.

To show her appreciation Elaine, made the team pose as awkwardly as possible. Thanks, you made Elaine a very happy birthday girl.

Team SleepOut with Elaine

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