Best Western Upper Hill Nairobi opens Zebra Lounge Sports Bar: A leading Destination for Sports Enthusiasts

by Rachael Ndeti

Best Western Upper Hill is thrilled to announce the Zebra Lounge Sports Bar opening, the most exciting addition to Nairobi’s entertainment scene.

Content creators Tracy Nduati and Vishal Gohil

Situated in the city’s heart at Upper Hill, Zebra Lounge promises to redefine the sports experience, offering a vibrant atmosphere where sports enthusiasts can enjoy their favorite games.

Content creators Trish Maina and Anita Sangalo

Zebra Lounge sets itself apart by combining the best sports entertainment with an unmatched dining and social experience featuring screen broadcasting live sports events worldwide, every seat in the house offers a front-row view. Our menu boasts a delectable selection of dishes and drinks, carefully crafted to enhance your sporting experience.

We look forward to welcoming you to Zebra Lounge and working together to create outstanding sporting experiences.For more information about Zebra Lounge Sports Bar and further updates, follow us on social media @BestWestern­_Upper­Hill #BestWesternUpperHill


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