Smart People Prefer Wine, Study Shows

written by Yoga David 23rd January 2014



There is this study that compared 1,800 Danish men’s IQ scores to their drinking habits from the 1950s -1990s.

The study found later in life, there was a strong correlation between high IQ in young adulthood and preference for wine over beer. This is regardless of their socioeconomic status.

22% of men who were grouped into the highest of five IQ categories at age 18 tend to prefer wine in their 30s, compared to 9% of the men grouped in the lowest IQ category.

In their 40s, the differences were even more: 39% of the men with the highest IQs, but only 13% of those with the lowest, preferred wine.

According to the study, “in the predominantly beer-drinking Danish population…wine drinking has traditionally been a sign of high social standing.”

This means the correlation among education, social status, income, and intelligence could explain their findings.


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