Smash Burgers and Ribs At Rocomamas

written by Winnie Wangui 6th April 2018

The food court in the new wing of Village Market is a food lover’s heaven. With the bunch of eateries already operational and more yet to be opened, a visit to this side of the mall will leave you spoilt for choice. From Mexican to Greek cuisines, cafes to bakeries, it is slowly becoming your one-stop location for gourmet deliciousness.

In a bid to explore the newly opened wing, my colleague and I went to Rocomamas, a recently opened trendy casual restaurant situated on the court yard. Shiny black, grey and bright orange tiles dot the walls on the cosy inside seating area.  Rocomamas customisable menu consists of chicken, beef and vegetarian smash burgers, beef and pork ribs, chicken wings, nachos, fries, salads, craft beers, juices and freakshakes. With only one hour to spare for lunch, we got right into ordering.

Our bacon, cheese and guacamole burger, which includes, aged cheddar cheese, smoked mayo, red onions, a 100g smash patty and pineapple salsa on the side, came oozing in meaty juices. We had ordered the down-size burger expecting it to be the kiddie size only for it to land at our table and realise we could actually split it into two. We couldn’t help but wonder how impossible it would be to actually bite into the double size version of the same.

Sinking our teeth into the gooey, layered sandwich, we were happy to realise that the owner had not been exaggerating when he sung the praise of his smashburger patties.

Next up, were the spicy buffalo wings, accompanied by blue cheese dipping sauce. The sticky winglets packed the right amount of heat and combined with the blue cheese dip they achieved this elusive combination of chilli, sweet and slightly funky cheesy flavours.

Buffalo Winglets

Last on our lunch meal were the pork ribs, a popular signature dish at Rocomamas. Half a stack of pork ribs, charred and dripping in Flavour X sauce landed on our table. The taste of Jack Daniels in the sauce really shone through but when it came to the meat itself my dining companion seemed to feel she would have preferred the ribs to be a bit more tender.

Had we been less concerned about being too stuffed to get some work done later that afternoon, the nachos and fries would definitely have been included in our meal. The varieties available all sounded enticing; from chilli con carne and cheesy fries to chicken fajitas; they would have definitely paired well with the winglets.

Pork Ribs

Finally, for dessert, we had the chocolate freakshake, a drink that is undoubtedly a favourite for people with a sweet tooth and a penchant for visually decadent desserts topped with a chocolate flakes and cookies. If you love to Instagram food, this is one dessert that deserves a spot on your timeline.

Winnie was a guest at Rocomamas

Chocolate Freakshake

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