How To Smuggle 48,000 Cans of Heineken as Pepsi and Get Caught!

written by Fred Mwithiga 20th November 2015

Lets say you live in a country that has banned alcohol. Let’s say that country is Saudi Arabia. You and your mates are fed up with drinking soda and milk. You long for a nice cold beer that will keep you cool in that hot weather. But you can’t. It’s illegal. So what do you and your posse do? After nights and night of brainstorming, Franky comes up with a brilliant idea. He makes you all shut up, huddles you close and whispers so low that not even your left ear would hear what he said: “How about, we disguise the beer cans as soda cans?” Boom! Just like that, you start scheming how you’ll get your beloved beer in the country. It all feels like a dream. You haven’t tasted beer for so long but you can never forget the way it felt going down your throat the first time.

How To Smuggle 48,000 Cans of Heineken as Pepsi and Get Caught!

I don’t know if there was an actual person called Franky who came up with this idea. Might have been a woman for all I know, but you cant deny it was a brilliant idea. Right until they got into the country and the police discovered them. Just like that, your Heineken beer cans dressed up in Pepsi colours elude you once more. A bunch of beer lovers, had their shipment of 48,000 Heineken cans get impounded. Post halloween prank maybe? You can’t deny they put thought into this but clearly not enough. The punishment for smuggling booze into the country is serious. You can either be sent to prison or get flogged whether or not you’re a local or foreigner.

Makes you not want to take your beer for granted doesn’t it?

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