Why We Love Snack Attack’s Loaded Chips

written by Liz Maelane 6th February 2015

Snack Attack-1-3Haven’t heard of Loaded Chips, you say? Well prepare to have your life changed forever! By combining special sauces and toppings Snack Attack has created a truly unique on-the-go treat that is almost impossible to resist.

Fast Casual

Snack Attack is an international franchise that made its way down to Kenya from the United Arab Emirates. What’s lovely about the brand is that in everything from naming menu items to the materials chosen to clad their counters, there’s a recurring theme. Snack Attack is all about sports, action and movement, hence their catchy slogan “Eat Out Loud”.  Owner, Khidher Adam, says “We prefer not to describe ourselves as fast food but rather as fast casual.” – and we agree. With Snack Attack’s more upmarket design, fresh ingredients, access to wi-fi and carefully thought out menu, it is a delightful space for gathering with friends, grabbing a quick bite (or indulging in a craving), and even posting up and doing some work for a while.

Fast Food Chains In Nairobi

Snack Attack Arrives in Nairobi

Epic Breakfast At Snack Attack


Snack Attack is currently tucked away in the cool, refreshing courtyard of Adams Arcade, ngong Rd. In the next few weeks they will finally be opening their doors in Sarit Centre and serving excited customers in the Westlands area. Next week, EatOut will be sharing a sneak peak into this exciting new location, so keep an eye out on our Yummy website. Although the Snack Attack branches here in Kenya are the first on the continent, by the looks of things, they certainly won’t be the last.

Loaded With Love

Now, back to their Loaded Chips. We all know Nairobians love a good plate of fries. Take your love for fries to another level by trying out one of Snack Attack’s most popular menu items. What makes these taste so good is that the sauces (and even the jalapenos) are imported so that you get the same quality of flavor you would if you were indulging in a bowl of Loaded Chips in Dubai. For Kshs. 350 you get a nice portion of freshly cut potato chips in the following varieties:

The Classic: With nacho cheese and the tastiest, chilli jalapenos

The Tex-Mex: Lathered in a zesty tomato salsa with sour cream

The Furious: With spicy buffalo sauce and grilled chicken

And many more…

Don’t skip out on Snack Attack’s juicy chicken and new beef burgers either. We recommend the Angry Chicken, if you can handle it. Check out the pictures below (warning: drooling might occur), check out their menu, pay them a visit or even call in for a delivery. Either way you do it make sure you’re eating out load at some point soon!

Snack Attack-2

Hot Shots (little bites of fried chicken with a tangy dipping sauce)

Snack Attack-1small

The Angry Chicken (with cheese and a kick of chilli)


The Tex-Mex (delicious description is above)

Snack Attack-1-4

Cookies and Cream Shake (creamy, refreshing and not too sweet – the perfect finish to your meal)





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