So who wants to Mingle?

written by Jeannette Musembi 6th September 2012

King of the Mingle

Perhaps the most common way to meet people these days is via the internet and mostly through the popular social networks. Though time and time again it has proven to be an effective way of communication and has greatly worked for some, many people have fallen prey to the myriads of ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ that parade themselves to trap the unsuspecting victims. And despite taking great caution in the chats, inboxes and wall posts, one cannot be fully sure of what lies on the other side of the computer screen. It is simply a win or lose situation.

Tahir interviews – Ahmed

So what if it is possible to meet and socialise with your online buddies in a fun and controlled environment? what if it has been proven that mingling while combining the professional and social edge is the most successful venture? Well Yummy decided to speak to Ahmed, who’s brain child is the  ‘The Mingle’ , a fun and social event where a mature crowd gets to have fun together while still maintaining the serious edge.

In a nutshell what is ‘the mingle’ all about?

The mingle is a fun networking event that makes it easier for young professionals and business owners aged 28 -45 years make new contacts and meet new friends through playing games.

What inspired you to come up with the concept?

When working in the office all day, it becomes very difficult to meet new people, and in social gatherings since everyone hangs out with their friends, it very rare to approach strangers and chat them up. At the mingle since everyone comes with the aim to meet new people everyone expects to be approached by strangers. At the mingle the games and activities make it even easier to interact with strangers soon to be friends

What’s your specific target market for the event?

We are targeting a crowd that rarely goes for outdoor events – 28 -45 years professionals and business owners. We want to convince them that they can meet people their own age to share experiences and build their business or social networks

So far how many editions have you done since its inception?

From the first on in October 2011, the have been 5 editions so far and the on on September 15th will be the 6th edition- the biggest yet!

How were the previous editions received i.e. (attendance/participation)?

We started with a small crowd, most of who did not know what to expect, and since some people are married, they were suspicious of the concept. People later understood the concept to be not a “singles club” but a place to meet new friends and build your network. From 200 people in the 1st event to 2,200 in the 5th edition the event has come far and we are aiming for 4,000 people in this 6th edition. People have grown to love the games and we get people competing to play as many games as possible. The most famous games are childhood games like blada, kati, shake and foosball.

So many people are meeting on social media and the online world. What makes your event unique?

The games that people play is what makes the event unique. In the 6th edition we have incorporated many more games and people will be surprised. The Mingle is also unique as its facebook and twitter live and in person


Well you heard it! To be part of this exciting and fun activity, make sure you get your advance tickets from www.ticketsasa.com for a limited fee of only 600kshs otherwise join them on Sep 15 when the event officially kicks off at the Impala Grounds. For more info visit their website here and get ready to Mingle!

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