SOI At dusitD2 Reopens!

written by Fred Mwithiga 27th February 2015

The title itself should put a huge smile on your face. After closing for a few days for renovations, which seemed like an eternity, SOI at dusitD2 is back! Back with a bang!

The thing about SOI is this: They love to serve their clients with great food in the shortest time possible and with the highest level of quality imaginable. To do this, they had to expand their kitchen, which now allows them to handle more bookings and improve on the quality of the food and the service time as well! An ‘invisible’ change with a ‘visible’ experience is what they are calling it.

You are now free to blow up our reservation phones and have a table booked at SOI because they are ready to take you on like never before!

Soi Reopens!

Soi Reopens!

Soi Reopens!


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