Special Eid ul-Fitr Dishes from Around the World

written by Yoga David 31st May 2019

As Muslims mark the end of the holy month of Ramadan with the holiday of Eid ul-Fitr, many homes prepare a fabulous feast to celebrate the end of Ramadan’s dawn-to-sunset fasting.

Here are a few varieties of special Eid ul Fitr meals in Muslim households and communities with specific ties to different regions of the world.

Moroccan beef date tagine/photography by Blue Apron

North Africa

Use of Tagines to cook is popular all over from Morocco to Algeria and Tunisia. Each country makes them very differently but incorporates local ingredients and seasonings set in from generations of passed down recipes and traditions. Most of their meat and veggies are cooked in the tagine itself and spooned over couscous (cooked separately) when eating.




Candied yams/photography by Simply recipes

United States

They do have a delicious fusion of all of the beautiful traditions and flavours that came with immigrants. Their Eid holiday dinner theme is usually similar to Thanksgiving where faithful enjoy turkey, macaroni and cheese, collard greens, candied yams, stuffing, cakes, and pies.





Asian kabobs/photography by Jennie

Middle East, Turkey and Central Asia

The popular dish in most of the Middle Eastern countries and spans the region up to Central Asia is kabobs. This is a beef or lamb skewers and patties grilled and served in a variety of ways. It is cooked in different ways like having them as burgers or enjoying them on the skewer.




Photography by GreatBritishChefs.com

South Asia (Indian Subcontinent)

Biryani is a Basmati rice dish that originally came from Persia. It is a rice dish that includes baked or fried meat, which is then mixed with the semi-cooked rice. Indians and Pakistanis spice it up a little differently. They also include a vegetarian version. Since Biryani is a pretty time-consuming dish to make, it’s often served up at special occasions like Eid and no table would be complete without it!



Ceebu jen/photography by Jumbo

West Africa

When you go to Senegal, you will probably find many plates piled high with Ceebu Jen, a traditional recipe of rice, fish, and vegetables which is the national dish of the Senegalese.



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