Our Take On The Specials Menu at Mediterraneo 9West!

written by Soni Adriance 2nd November 2015

Mediterraneo is known for their delicious, authentic Italian food. As a matter of fact, during Nairobi Pizza Festival last month, people flocked to their doors to try their seafood pizza. We headed to Mediterraneo at 9West the other day to get a taste of their specials menu.

The specials menu at Mediterraneo mimics their main menu with a section for Starters, Pasta, Carné (Meat), and Pesci (Fish). These specials change on a monthly basis and are a great way to try something new, seasonal and different from the chef.

I started my meal with the salmon tartare: fresh salmon with lemon zest, passion fruit vinaigrette and rucola (rocket) leaves. This was a beautifully delicate dish with generous portions. The salmon was buttery soft in texture and the lemon zest/passion fruit vinaigrette brightened the flavour of the dish with citrus notes. The rocket sat on the side of plate and gave the dish a nice nutty flavour. This delightful starter was accompanied by a glass of rosé.


The second course was a crustaceans and fish couscous with vegetables and toasted almonds served with a salted tropical salad and a spicy broth. This dish was incredible, from presentation to flavour. Mediterraneo does not hold back on the amount of fish on your plate. Every bite of couscous had chunks of fish, calamari, mussels, prawns and an accompanying lobster tail. The fruit was a fantastic accompaniment to the salty flavours of seafood. It was a flavour combination I wouldn’t have expected to work as well as it did. Executive Chef Dario said this meal was reminiscent of meals he had in his hometown of Sicily. If this is how you eat in Sicily, count me in! Be right back- booking a flight out of town.


The broth was also laden with calamari rings and mussels. I love spicy food to the point where my mouth burns and I sweat, therefore the broth wasn’t as spicy as I would have liked. It was however mild enough for several palettes to appreciate.

The meal ended on a sweet note, a sampling of the different homemade ice creams and sorbets. This dessert is a staple on the Mediteranneo dessert menu. We tried the lemon and strawberry sorbet as well as the vanilla, chocolate, and pistachio icecream.


The sorbets had a tart finish that made the  dessert fresh and cleansing. The ice creams were creamy and sweet. My favourite ice creams were definitely the dark chocolate and the pistachio flavours. With homemade ice cream, you can always taste a difference in quality and freshness of the dessert.

It was a delight to try the Mediterraneo specials menu. It was clear that the menu allowed the chef to showcase his talent and some dishes that were close to home. If you go to Mediteranneo anytime soon, I’d recommend giving the special’s menu a try, I bet you’ll find a new dish that you love.

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