Stop Weighting

written by Yummy Editorial 28th April 2015


Day in and day out, I hear success stories about how people’s weight loss has translated to so much more than fitting into a smaller pair of jeans. Many of these stories tell how motherhood has been enhanced by one’s fitness and weight loss journey. The feelings and experiences that we can not measure on the scale include: feeling great in a bikini while playing with kids on the beach, having more energy to play with kids, having more confidence as a mother, and setting a good example for children with a healthy lifestyle.

With every small transformation doors to bigger and better transformations are opened. Something happens when women form a community and habits around health and wellness that are actually good for them. A powerful example for the next generation is set. Major life changes take place and people stop “weighting” to feel the things they want to feel and have the experiences they dream of having.

While working out may seem like a superficial task at first glance, the benefits reach your children at monumental depths. Your workouts are a metaphor for other areas in your life. Here is what I have seen:

1. Your workouts are confidence builders, one of the most immediate and powerful tools around. The goals you accomplish in your work outs translate to doing the same in the outside world as well.

2. Pushing through a hard workout, gives you the stamina and endurance and courage to push through hard times in life.

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3. The “high” that you experience in exercise alleviates the need to find it elsewhere, i.e. from food, alcohol, drugs, overeating. Biologically speaking exercise endorphins are real and they can drive an entire day to maximum potential and replace the need for naughty cravings.

4. The more disciplined and consistent you are in the studio/gym, the more you are outside the studio or gym in your business, at work and at home.

5. The more focused you are in your fitness routine, the more you are in all aspects of your life. Exercise also helps tremendously with stress reduction, mental clarity and depression.

6. The more your body moves forward the more your LIFE moves forward!

Weight loss or staying thin tends to be the goal for people walking into any gym or fitness studio and that is a great goal for your physical health. But the collateral outcome of working out is –freedom to stop “weighting” and start living the best life you can and set an incredible example for your kids. If you really want to change your life, start with exercise. Fall in love with movement and watch what stars moving in your life. The good news is you have a place to start, right here at Village Market!


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