Super Video Tip: How to Make the Most Perfect Bacon Ever

written by Jeannette Musembi 23rd April 2014


Bacon. Just the mere sound of that word is enough to make some salivate — the sound of the sizzle and pop as the breakfast meat cooks to crispy perfection, its scent wafting through the kitchen with the promise of a most satisfying meal.

Bacon holds a prized spot on the breakfast table as well as in many lunch, dinner and even dessert recipes. It is for this reason that you may want to ensure your bacon frying skills are solid. There is nothing worse than getting people’s hopes up with the sight of bacon, only to disappoint them with soggy and fatty strips — or even worse, strips so charred that they are only worthy of the trash bin.

Want to make perfect crispy bacon without all the mess? Find out how it’s done in this short video below. You’ll be amazed!


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