SuperChef Season 3 Officially Kicks Off

written by Jeannette Musembi 3rd June 2013

It’s been a while in coming, but finally Superchef Season 3 is here with us again. If you haven’t been up to speed with the whole idea behind the event, here is the link to catch up on. But in a nutshell it is a platform for ‘undiscovered chefs’ and food enthusiasts to showcase their culinary talent in the kitchen and get rewarded for it.

The previous editions have seen various individuals crowned the prestigious title of ‘Superchef’ and even walk home with a top price of Kshs 200,000 among many other exciting giveaways.contestant

Sponsored by some local food production companies as well as Eat Out Kenya and East FM as the media partners, the 3rd edition was held at the Corner Affair Bistro and saw 34 contestants battle it out for the ‘top 16’ position.


The trick this time was to come with a pre-prepared dish from home. There was also cooked rice provided and the contestants were required to make a creative rice dish for the judges.


Ingredients were also provided. Personally i thought that all the participants brought in their A Game and the judges- (headed by Corner Affair’s Arif and Last Year’s Winner, Charandeep Singh) had a hard time deciding who to carry on to the next round. But as in all competitions there had to be winners and well…other contestants.

The little crowd made up of family and friends were there to make sure everyone of the participants were equally cheered on as well as represented.

Judges Arif and Charandeep

This time round however, there are 4 contestants from outside Nairobi who were selected from the same challenge- 2 from Mombasa and 2 from Kisumu. These will be in the top 16 that are to compete this coming weekend at the same venue.

Join them this Saturday 8th June at the Corner Affair Bistro for more of the Superchef action.

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