5 Surprising Benefits From Chewing Wrigleys Gum #NRW2017

written by Winnie Wangui 31st January 2017

I remember growing up in school and teachers would punish us for chewing gum in class. They made it an atrocious crime, which makes me wonder whether they knew that chewing gum actually has its benefits.

Chewing gum is beneficial to your well being and not just for oral care. In a bid to educate consumers on the benefits of chewing sugar free gum, Wrigley, the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of gum, through its East Africa subsidiary teamed up with Nairobi Restaurant Week 2017 where diners will get complimentary Orbit chewing gum when they visit the over 60 participating restaurants.

Here are some benefits of chewing gum that you should know about.

Improves concentration and memory

Chewing results to increased blood flow to the brain which boosts mental performance and cognitive functions. The increased blood flow also increases oxygen to the brain which helps to enhance memory.

Improves wakefulness

We all know how after a heavy meal you need something to keep you alert especially if you have to get back to the office. When you chew gum, the chewing movement of the jaw stimulates nerves in the brain therefore helping people feel more awake or stay awake for longer.

Protects Teeth

Sugar-free gum has the ability to wash away food debris and remineralize the tooth enamel to help strengthen teeth. Chewing sugar-free gum 20 minutes after a meal reduces plaque, promotes tooth enamel, reduces cavities and also reduces gingivitis. This is due to the increasing saliva flow, which reduces acid on your teeth that causes decay.

Improves Breath

So you just has a salad with onions and you need something to curb onion breath? Chew gum! Just pop-in some gum and you breath will be fresh. In fact, flavoured gum will do the trick.

Fights Nausea

For natural relief against nausea from morning sickness or motion sickness, try sugarless gum. It also helps pregnant women feel less awful when out and about with morning sickness.


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