Have You Tried 88’s Sushi and Cocktail Offer?

written by Liz Maelane 23rd February 2015

88 Sushi cocktail-2

Sushi and a cocktail for only 1,200Ksh – sign me up!

88 at Villa Rosa Kempinski is now offering an incredibly delicious offer: for only 1,200Ksh, from 5.30pm on Tuesdays to Sundays, you can get an 8 piece chef’s selection of sushi (either veg or non-veg) as well as one cocktail from their innovative menu.

88 Sushi cocktail-8

Tom Kha Vodka

88 Sushi cocktail-3

The Cherry Blossom

Perfect Setting

88 is Villa Rosa Kempinski‘s Pan-Asian restaurant. It is a sleek and upmarket space with warm wooden finishes and vibrant tones of red and orange. The modern yet inviting atmosphere creates the perfect setting for an after work drink with colleagues, friends, or a special someone and is also a fantastic choice for dinner.

The Cocktails

We recently paid a visit to the lovely hotel to give the new offer a try. It must be said that the waitstaff at 88 are incredibly attentive, congenial and helpful. We didn’t need much persuading when it came to ordering cocktails and by the end of the evening had sampled four special drinks: the Cherry Blossom, the Halfmoon, the Chin Chin and the Tom Kha Vodka.

I have to admit I was nervous about the scotch in the Chin Chin but 88’s version had a lovely hint of cinnamon and honey, balancing it out making it a good whisky cocktail choice for ladies. The Halfmoon – inspired by the Full Moon Parties in Thailand and with its watermelon and ameretto – truly looked and tasted like a moonlight beach swim – sweet, liberating and refreshing.

The Tom Kha Vodka is a cool, light, creamy cocktail with a punch. It has the appearance of the popular Thai soup but the flavors of a truly well-crafted drink – an absolute must try! My personal favourite had to be the Cherry Blossom. It was perfectly sweet and sour, with just enough gin and cherry brandy and served in a large and dramatic glass – perfect for my personality.

88 Sushi cocktail-1-6

88’s Bar Area

88 Sushi cocktail-1-2

The Halfmoon and Cherry Blossom

88 Sushi cocktail-10

Chin Chin

88 Sushi cocktail-7

Tom Kha Vodka

The Sushi

The other great half of this deal is the sushi, and if the cocktails were anything to go by, the sushi could not (and did not) disappoint. Noteworthy rolls for me were the Samurai Rolls, Tempura, Vegan and Vegetarian Rolls. The Vegan and Vegetarian Rolls were crunchy, fresh, moist and perfectly salty, thanks to the addition of black olives (a surprisingly good addition). The Tempura Rolls were equally crunchy and fresh but covered in a tangy sauce that was delightful. The outright stunner of the evening had to be the Samurai Rolls. With a salmon base and layers of flavours topped off with marinated crab sticks, they were mouthfuls of pure joy and I now have an incessant craving for them.

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88’s bar snacks menu is surprisingly affordable and with a good variety of Asian favorites, new and old. Try the Lemongrass Prawn Skewers, Poa Pia Rolls or Slow Roasted Pork Belly! Make sure to pay 88 a visit any evening this week to take advantage of the Sushi and Cocktail offer and if you still need some convincing just look at the images below…

88 Sushi cocktail-1

Made with focus…and love

88 Sushi cocktail-1-4

Vegan Roll, Salmon Cream Cheese, Samurai Roll, Tempura…

88 Sushi cocktail-6

Lemongrass Prawn Skewers

88 Sushi cocktail-5

Poa Pia Rolls

88 Sushi cocktail-2-288 Sushi cocktail-2-3 88 Sushi cocktail-1-588 Sushi cocktail-1188 Sushi cocktail-9



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