Sushi Time

written by Michelle Slater 30th June 2015

Sushi Time

Sushi lovers, this one’s for you! Whether you’re a hardcore sashimi addict or tingle at the thought of a vibrant platter of delicately hand crafted designer rolls, this month we’re going sushi crazy!

There’s something about sushi that instantly makes me happy, but I’m not shy to admit that my first sushi experience was not exactly the best. Several years ago I reluctantly went on a date to one of Nairobi’s few restaurants serving these unknown fishy treats. All dressed up, in ridiculous heels and totally intimidated, my young and underexposed palate was immediately repulsed by the foreign texture. I vaguely remember nodding like one of those dashboard bobble heads at my date through a pained smile, as I desperately tried to throw a roll down my throat.

Fast forward a couple of years and now I can’t get enough and apparently neither can you. Every month we are flooded with emails asking where to enjoy the best sushi. Restaurateurs have responded faithfully to our culinary curiosities and many now serve up incredibly fresh and inspired sushi creations. Susan Wong knows a thing or two about sushi and reveals her top sushi and sahimi hangouts, explaining how the secret to great sushi lies in the rice. In her guide she explains why sushi rice is the underrated foundation of every potential melt- in-your-mouth sushi experience!

Sushi making really is an art and a definite highlight for the editorial team was spending time soaking in the sushi wisdom of renowned Tokyo owner and head chef, Mr Shin. A large majority of local chefs credit him as Nairobi’s sushi guru and it’s easy to see why. We then take a hop over to Cheka, Nairobi’s only Japanese owned and run restaurant, in this months ‘source to plate’. If you’ve ever questioned where our sushi ingredients come from and just how fresh our fish is, this article will answer all those nagging questions.

We then get back to basics, explaining all there is to know and expect when ordering up the good stuff. We realise sushi menus can be incredibly daunting, but once you’re done with this guide, you’ll have absolutely no reason not to explore the colourful menus at a few of our recommended establishments.

Finally, be sure to flip through to our new extended wine pick section. We walk you through some whites for your sushi and a couple of reds for good measure. And for all of you that want to keep your next sushi session authentic, we take a look at sake, Japan’s national drink, and give you a few easy cocktails to try out yourself. As always, stay in touch and let us know what you want to see more of. After all, this magazine is all about making sure you have access to everything you need and want to know about food and drink in our gorgeous city.

Enjoy and stay yummy!

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