Sweet Tooth Mum!

written by Jacquie Mwai 14th May 2019

Here are the top spots for mums to enjoy this Mother’s Day month and every day after that!

Photography by J.Mwai

Three-tier Tea Delight – The Lord Erroll 

Afternoon High Tea at The Lord Erroll is a regal affair. The ever swanky gourmet eatery is an easy merge of Victorian age elegance and all the luxurious makings of an internationally acclaimed restaurant. Right off the bat, the restaurant’s Executive Pastry Chef Alex Wanderi strikes me as someone very passionate about his job. He and their very cordial BDM Steve Mugo host me for their traditional three-tier high tea that will be on an exclusive menu for Mother’s Day. As traditional three-tier tea sets go, Chef Alex lays it from the top tier to the lowest from sweet to savoury. I was especially enthralled by the Strawberry mousse and coulis; Financier cake, Panama cake, Chocolate Truffle cake, Carrot cake, Panna Cotta vanilla, American style brownies and French style cold cheesecake. Knowing me, the top tier was definitely my favourite part. This was a special experience because I finished each and every dessert Chef Alex had prepared for me, and each of the desserts just got better with every bite. After chatting at length with Chef Alex, an expert chocolatier, I got to learn that he does well to keep his cakes light, gluten-free and eggless. Raisin scones sit pretty on the second tier. Sandwiches line the bottom tier and sumptuous smoked salmon crostini, including beef sandwiches and cream cheese sandwiches. To round up a perfect Mother’s Day afternoon, the favourite pairings include an option for bottomless tea or a glass of sparkling wine. The tea option will cost Ksh. 4,000 for 2 people while the Prosecco option goes for Ksh. 5,000 for 2 people.  

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Photography by J. Mwai

Queenly Crown for Mum – Boho Eatery 

Boho Eatery, with its freshly rustic decor and thoughtfully selected menu, is a reflection of Sarah Saleheen’s warmth and profound affinity to conscious and sustainable living. I was so excited to get to this beautiful space that I could not sit in traffic, common on any given weekday afternoon in Nairobi. I quickly hailed a motorbike taxi and off we rode. Sitting down with Sarah and her husband I got to learn that this Mother’s Day, she takes a reminiscent journey with a pastry item that not only celebrates Mom but also bestows on her a deserved queenly crown. Boho Eatery is offering Pineapple and Star Anise Chiffon Cake, exclusively for this day. The chiffon cake is sinfully delicious, yet light enough, and complemented with berry coulis and a scoop of vanilla ice rested on crunchy cashews. This cake can be enjoyed on its own or as a satisfying company for tea, coffee or the available selection of Boho Eatery cocktails. The dried pineapple crump atop the cake sits symbolically as a crown for Mom. Sarah got inspiration for the crown because her mother has always been her pillar and support. I am captivated, and I’m sure you will too, by the laid back cosiness of the restaurant. You can enjoy your meal indoors or al fresco in the lush gardens.  

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Photography by J. Mwai

Mother’s Day Sunday Brunch – Tribe Hotel

I arrive at Tribe Hotel, I can’t help this uncanny feeling like I just stepped into a very fashionable version of an afro-futuristic haven. The chic setting at Tribe is mesmerizing. Equally amazing is the dessert spread during their Sunday brunch. The ambience is cosy and welcoming, with a live band entertaining their guests. I am here on a date with head pastry chef Catherine Nyambura, a mom like me so you know we would have so much to talk about especially about our love for our kids and our love for desserts. The chef shares culinary stories borne out of her ten-year experience in the field and also tells me the Sunday brunch will be among their special offerings on Mother’s Day. Moms can look forward to a wide selection of berry incorporated desserts. My favourite desserts included: Peach Melba Crepe – where the chef uses fresh peach and raspberry coulis with white ganache. The ganache was nicely creamy and blended so well with the citrusy taste from the peach and sweetness of the raspberry sauce. Rice Krispies – a guest favourite that is eggless and lactose-free, covered with dark chocolate and white chocolate. And

Brandy Snap with chocolate mousse & marble glaze- so smooth, it just melted in my mouth. This would be such a treat for not only mom but the whole family as well.

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Photography by J. Mwai

Baked with love for Mom – Iriko patisserie 

Angie named her bakery business Iriko Patisserie; Iriko meaning Kitchen in Taita and Patisserie being bakery in French. I like the way she profoundly puts it; “My business is owned by God and run by me.” The bakery provides both sweet and savoury pastries with a local touch; using all round and seasonal fresh produce that is locally sourced and supplied. I had a chance to sample what Iriko is offering for Mother’s Day; a delicious, moist and sweet Carrot & Pineapple Cake, loaded with cashew nuts and dried currants. This cake is Angie’s fastest moving, and also her own way of giving back and supporting hardworking cashew-nut farmers back home in Kilifi.

“Aside from loads of love and passion, this cake incorporates ‘tons’ of shredded fresh carrots and pineapple cubes. I also add dried, roasted and salted cashew nuts and dried currants. The cake is lightly spiced with Cinnamon and a hint of Cardamon, my favourite sweet spice,” Angie delightfully states.
She made this cake especially for Mother’s Day to express her affection to her Mom, who has sacrificed a whole lot for her and her siblings; and most importantly taught them a lot about God. The cake costs 2500shs a kilo and can be ordered through 0722-665547, @irikopatisserie on Instagram and Facebook pages or through dropping an email to irikopatisserie@gmail.com. 

Photography by J.Mwai

Dessert Box for Mom – CakeHearts 

Earlier in the year, a friend of mine surprised me with an amazingly cute dessert box from CakeHearts. Even before I tore into the packaging, I knew I was just about to be enchanted. That is the short tale of how I got hooked on CakeHearts sweet treats and delicacies. This Mother’s Day, they have unveiled an exclusive dessert box. In the box, comes four desserts: Kisses when I’m Not Around (chocolate coconut drops that look hard on the outside, but simply melt in your mouth); Iced Jems (cookies with a French meringue drop); Mother’s Day cookies and Fudgy Blondies (has a hint of banana flavour and a generous amount of chocolate chips who’s crunchiness complements the moist text of the blondie). Yasmin Mohamed, the genius pastry hands behind CakeHearts, shares with me how her Mom has been an inspiration all her life. “Without her support, I don’t think I’d have been able to move away from my comfort zone and strive to create something to call my own. It truly warms my heart to know that I have such a strong support system behind me,” she says. The Mother’s Day dessert box can be ordered online through their page @cakeheartss at kshs 3,000.   


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